Navigating Life By ‘The Star Code’

The stars above in the sky are a reminder of the code within the invisible systems that shape our lives — both internally and externally.

Bright, tiny sparks of stars lit up the dark night sky. I hold my almost two-year old daughter in one arm, and point at the sky. She smiles while whispering ‘staar’, and am so glad that I have passed on my fascination for stars to my daughter as well. I love stars to the extent that I even find joy in wearing star-shaped earrings.

Most of the times, we are lucky to spot at least one star in the sky, from our balcony in the city. It is indeed a privilege to sit in perfect silence, gaze upon the sky and watch the stars twinkle each night in and out. I doubt if anyone has the time or energy to watch the stars anymore. Nevertheless, it has been an endless source of wonder and speculation throughout human history.

In the olden days, the twinkles of the star guided, by lighting up the path of travelers. ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ a popular children’s rhyme centers on the stars helping travelers in the dark, when they couldn’t see which way to go, was written by Ann and Jane Taylor during the 19th century.

I am a Hindu, and Lord Murugan, the embodiment of victory, beauty and love has been my all-time favourite. A frame depicting the picture of six-faced Lord Murugan among other deities is part and parcel of the shrine/prayer room in most of the Hindu’s houses in South Asia. Hinduism is filled with symbols, but what caught my attention was the six-pointed star associated with Lord Murugan. It is basically a visual resemblance of the two triangles facing each other — where one is pointing up and other pointing down.

The stars in the sky, and the six-pointed star associated with Lord Murugan seemed interrelated and seemed to be part of a larger concept. It became my area of interest. I spent a lot of time researching for the past couple of years in order to deep dive in and understand the insights contained within it. I may have just begun to understand the tip of the iceberg, yet it has profoundly helped me in terms of clarity, decision making — most importantly in terms of ‘invisible systems’ that ran the show.

From the image above, what interested me the most was the two shapes in the centre— the star obviously, and the hexagon (the light blue space with ‘Om’ written in Tamil).

Geometry is the language that the universe is written in. During the beginning of my research, I came across this quote by Leonardo da Vinci, which states;

“He who does not understand the supreme centertainity of mathematics is wallowing in confusion”

The universe and life on earth is created through the sacred patterns of geometry, most commonly found in art and architecture. Geometry and mathematical proportions are even found in music, light and cosmology as well. The basic idea that all consciousness is primarily based on sacred geometry.

Hexagons are present within the stars, which is also present in all creations of god from our DNA to honeycomb of the bees. In fact honey bees have evolved over time to skillfully build hexagonal honeycomb cells, purely because this shape ensures that they dont waste more resources(wax) or expend more energy (honey) than necessary. That is a stunning lesson from nature on sustainability and management.

Hexagons in water of positive thoughts

Dr. Masaru Emoto (d. 2014), a Japanese scientist dedicated his life to studying water. He discovered in his study, that water droplets which were repeatedly exposed to positive or negative words, profoundly changed the water’s color, shape, and symmetry. The image below depicts the glass of water labelled with positive associations such as “self love,” “beauty,” “passion,” and “happiness.

I have lately gotten into the habit of using, which I refer to as the‘’STAR MODEL’ to simplify and understand life, economy, systems, everyday challenges — just about anything. The two interlocking triangle in the star, shows there are two equal and opposite reactions to any situation that we encounter, which is the Newton’s third law of motion as well. From left/right brain, masculine/feminine energies, balance/imbalance, yin/yang to so much more. The star model highlights the importance of ‘striking the balance between the two extremes’, in order to bring harmony, peace and prosperity.

I used the star model to understand the simple essence of the systems in the external world, such as the economy, farming, education systems etc. If a economic system is to function efficiently it needs to balance the ‘individual/self’ Vs. “Others’. It is essential to balance the concentration of power by developing resilience within individual units while also ensuring collaboration and co-operation for the efficient functioning of the externals systems. More on this can be read from my article highlighted below;

However, if we try to apply the ‘Star model’ to internal systems such as parenting/stable relationships, it would be about establishing the clear balance between “love’ and ‘limits’. Loving limits by nurturing while setting boundaries. An excess of one would topple and create disharmony.

There are infinite dimensions to explore, however my focus so far has been on re-balancing concentration of power, through the ‘self’ vs. ‘other’ lens.

Another example of using the star model to understand the world of education would also be by highlight the level of imbalance between ‘self’ vs. ‘others’ in a traditional school setting environment. By Self, I refer to the student where they have limited power to design their future, studies etc. The curriculum is set where everyone needs to follow the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach assuming that everyone has the same abilities and strengths. In fact, allowing a mix of self-directed learning and collaborative learning centres would re-set the power balance between students and teachers/administrators as they take responsibility to curate their own future.

Following the pandemic, cracks in the system, within both the external and internal are getting more and more clear. Therefore, decentralisation especially in terms of power is emerging as a key driver in terms of correcting the imbalances in external systems which has concentration of power within the hands of few.

Our economic structure looks like the pyramid (a triangle)which is used to describe the social, cultural and economic systems. The pyramid-based systems segments the few haves (rich) at the top while the have-nots (poor) at the bottom. However, its a fragile system as the hierarchy of wealth is held together by the working class that support the system without toppling the existing social order.

The pyramid system and the aid giving mentality is only driving poverty consciousness. Therefore, the essence from ‘The star order’ is the need of the hour to forge a path towards an era of inclusive prosperity for all. Change begins within oneself,

Here is the summary of my research of the mindset of successful people — where I have outlined the 7 key rules of winning which sets apart the top performers from the rest of the pack. The rules are developed by applying the model through the lens of ‘developing resilient self’ vs ‘ collaboration/co-operation with others

Twinkling Little Stars up in the dark night sky in fact is an important reminder of our essence. It is a symbol of guidance to explore more, understand what is deep within our internal and external systems that what’s visible on the surface level.

In a nutshell, ‘The Star Model’ holds the key to inclusive prosperity, peace and harmony. A rich inner world and internal belief/value system plays a key role in shaping our reality.

Insights Specialist. Writer. Co- founder

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