A short story on standing up for yourself

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“I will get some tea”

“….erm am fine. I just had one, am feeling pretty full”

“No, No have a little bit”

“I will drink water. I don’t want tea”

She walks to the kitchen, and we hear the sound of kettle boiling with hot water, being poured into cups mixed with tea, sugar and cream.

Both — cups of tea and water are generously served.

Thoughts keep rumbling in my mind — “Is it rude to not drink the tea, even though they made it after I refused”

I look at the tea, and look at her face, watchful…

A poem

Blue sky expands,

For the golden beams to shine through

everything turns gold with its touch

From the tiny balcony blooms to deep rooted, ancient trees;

Glowing with their daily dose of nourishment

Zig-zag swirls left behind by the wheels

The journey sang its own serene, melody in spite of

the misty air clouding the view

Leaves sway, rustle to wind’s rhythms and

it felt too familiar

Yet, it was hard to ignore the secrets whispered

It reminded me silently of its power

to stay grounded,

Thousands of years have passed by

nothing could shake it up though

Still standing firm whispering as lives passes by

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Meena emptied the contents inside a red box made of fabric. She was facing the balcony, with walls painted in her favorite shade of yellow. Accessories, hair clips, earrings, chains, pins were all spilled on the floor — as she began assorting it.

“I have held onto this for the past 12 years” said Meena.

“Why? What’s so special about it?” asked her husband, sitting across her in the floor of their apartment, playing with their five year old son.

“Umm…my dad gave me a perfume. This is the box that it came in. I don’t know why I am…

The stars above in the sky are a reminder of the code within the invisible systems that shape our lives — both internally and externally.

Bright, tiny sparks of stars lit up the dark night sky. I hold my almost two-year old daughter in one arm, and point at the sky. She smiles while whispering ‘staar’, and am so glad that I have passed on my fascination for stars to my daughter as well. I love stars to the extent that I even find joy in wearing star-shaped earrings.

Most of the times, we are lucky to spot at least one star in the sky, from our balcony in the city. It is indeed a privilege to sit in perfect silence, gaze upon the sky…

A look into how fathers shape the outlook for life and career

I am writing a couple of articles based on my analysis of interviews with entrepreneurs. As I read through the interview scripts, I pick on common themes, stories that set leaders apart from the rest of the pack. During my conversations, to my surprise, most of the entrepreneurs/leaders I interviewed talked about their fathers — and how they profoundly shaped outlook for life and career.

“When I look at the choices he made for me, he really pushed me to be more”.

“I have been programmed not by genetics but my father’s thinking to function and to play the role…

What I learned from investing in the Sri Lankan stock market — only a couple of months before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

Image from Pexels by Serpstat

I invested tiny amount from my salary into the stock market for the first time ever in 2014. However, I quit the market without earning or losing much in that period. It was too much of hassle for me to keep track of financial information and most of all I didn't understand how the system worked. When I exited I vowed to never get back into it.

Then five years later in 2019 — I decided to try my hand again at the stock market betting on the bright future ahead for the country post the Presidential Elections in November…

Understanding the key traits that separate top performers from the rest of the pack

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Sunrises marking the beginning of the day — as people set off on their journeys to accomplish their life’s goals, dreams and purpose. There is a lot on everyone’s plates as we juggle to manage career, family while constantly seeking and working harder for a better life.

A quick glance at the messages depicted in advertisements around us clearly indicates — material success as a huge driver of life quality and evaluation. “Realize your dreams through education”/ “Empower your future with our loans scheme”/ “Be judged by what you drive”. We all strive for achievements in the form of higher…

‘Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, , but you leave ’em all over everything you do’ — Elvis Presley

“What is your ambition?”

“Discover and follow your passion”

These two phrases are often randomly thrown around — where the answer usually often revolves around a job or skill set that one masters. During my childhood, I remember being so clueless on what to reply when inquired about my ambition or what kind of job I wanted to do in the future? …

Photo credit : Yoga Journal

I remember keeping a ‘secret journal’ during my childhood- away from the prying eyes of my four siblings. It was my safe and happy space to jot down my thoughts and feelings. Whenever I felt inspired, excited, confused or worried I pulled out this little book to write away without editing or overthinking.

Yet, as time went by I gradually lost the habit of journaling, and along with that the art of writing for mere joy of it. Over the last few years, writing played a huge role in my professional life but journaling had zero space. …

A research study to capture Sri Lankan consumer’s sentiment on food security during the COVID-19 crisis.

Source: Flickr_Aidan Jones

Waves of change sweep through as COVID — 19 disrupts the world order and resets the way we live, work, shop and eat. In a matter of few days the scene rapidly shifted from panicked shoppers , emptying aisles in grocery stores to lock- downs as people confined themselves within their homes. Disruptions and chaos were sit in motion — as businesses struggled to get the engines running to service the needs of consumers. Food supply networks especially within cities were disrupted during the crisis- revealing the vulnerabilities of the system that we depend upon for survival. Sourcing ingredients to…

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